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Welcome to the official Copsinas website. The home of Great British Sweets in Spain!

For generations the UK have been leaders in producing the finest sweets and those flavours that our ancestors enjoyed are still produced today, along with a huge variety of very popular ranges which too have been added to the list of 'traditional' British Sweet flavours.

We deal with some of the most well known manufacturers of Great British Sweets in the United Kingdom and we are now setting up an outlet network in Spain. A good number of outlets have already started stocking our sweets along the Costa Blanca and inland, just into Murcia. Several others are in the process of stocking our sweets as well. Before long you will be able to enjoy the finest Great British Sweets as they become available all over Spain!

Our aim is to bring you the finest quality British Sweets, such as Rhubarb and Custard, Coconut Mushrooms, Liquorice Allsorts, Chocolate Raisins and a whole lot more! All of these sweets are manufactured in the United Kingdom using only traditional methods, which ensures that the originality of the flavour of these sweets is not lost. One bite and you're transported back to the old days at home, as the delicious flavours of our Sweets mix in your mouth to create a lasting sensation! Only the finest ingredients are used in the manufacture of these Sweets for the very reason of maintaining the original taste.

Sweets are an integral element of the British culture and tradition and now that so many have set up home in Spain, supplying sweets abroad means that the British can continue divulging in the goodness of their favourite flavoured sweets without doubting the freshness and originality of the products.

Being one of the largest and most experienced suppliers of British Sweets in Spain, we have put our experience to good use in order to offer and deliver only the very best Sweets to all of our outlets. Every single Sweet is freshly packed in the UK in order to preserve its original flavour. We already have a wide variety of Sweets available for sale, but we endeavour to expand upon these flavours frequently, so keep an eye on our web site for the new ones!! Those who love Great British Sweets will be delighted with the choice.

Because our aim is to bring our customers a brand of sweet that is next to none, we are happy to state that we guarantee you will enjoy them!

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